Rock Breaking Engineering Systems

Fragmentation Analysis

  • Guidance for Optimal Image Capture
  • Capturing of Images onsite
  • Analysis of Images
  • Provision of Results
  • Highlight opportunities for blast optimisation

High Speed Video

  • Onsite Video Capture
  • Analysis of Video
  • Highlight opportunities for blast optimisation
  • (Coming Soon – Online High Speed Video Analysis)

Velocity of Detonation (VoD)

  • Measurement of in-hole VoD with Speedvod system
  • Understanding the results
  • Highlight opportunities for blast optimisation

Ground Vibration / Airblast (Noise) Monitoring

  • Seismograph Surveys
  • Long & Short Term Monitoring
  • Permanent Monitoring Stations
  • Blast Signature Determination – Understand the impact of your blast timing on your pit walls
  • Blast Timing Optimisation

How MinBlast can help?

The wise business works tirelessly to win its customers’ hearts, not to manipulate its customers’ minds.

MinBlast Limited is a company focused on providing practical drill and blast solutions to your mining operation. Initially, we investigate your current operational practises by conducting a site audit. The site audit identifies opportunities for improvement and, generally, an Action Plan is derived from this audit. Blast Optimisation being the key focus area of the Action Plan. We conduct follow up audits to ensure that your team is working to the plan. We also assist in the generation of cost benefits that can be realised from the specific actions (where these are real benefits). Our Audits also work as a “Fresh Pair of Eyes” for you, to provide another view of your operation. We also understand the best ways to maximise your explosives costs, from logistics, storage and price competitiveness of your supplier(s).

Specific Drill & Blast Areas of under performance

  • Wrong Blasthole size selection
  • Poor blast designs
  • Variable Blasthole drilling accuracy
  • Excessive Blasthole re-drilling percentage
  • Inappropriate Blast timing
  • Poor Collar fragmentation
  • Ore Dilution Management
  • Explosives Cost Management
  • Lack of Blast Management Plans
  • No Drill and Blast Database

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