Bulk Explosives Analyser

A typical mine consumes many hundreds of tons of emulsion per month.

This device allows on mine site QC of the emulsion products and checking the composition of mixed products from MMU Trucks.

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  • For use on all bulk explosives containing emulsion (including low density products).
  • Determines water and salt content of emulsions.
  • Determines ANFO/emulsion ratio of mixed products.
  • Determines total salt content of mixed products
  • Calculates oxygen balance for single salt emulsions.
  • Reports total water and total salts when the emulsion contains addition substances (e.g. calcium nitrate, urea etc).
  • Determines water content of AN Prill
  • Determines diesel content of ANFO*
  • No chemicals required.
  • Cuts a laboratory test of more than 4 hours duration down to only one hour*.
  • Replaces a laboratory test of more than 4 hours duration with better accuracy.
  • Portable and suitable for on-site use (requires 100-240v AC power).
  • 5 minutes prep time labour required, results available in 1 hour.
  • *Diesel in ANFO test duration is 90 minutes


  • Excellent QAQC mechanism.
  • Provides comfort knowing the quality of the explosives provided.
  • Ensure the correct explosives energy levels, thus lower poor blast risk.
  • Economic benefits – get the energy you pay for.

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