Fragmentation Analysis

It is well documented that size distribution, swell factor (or heave), and the material hardness/abrasiveness have a distinct impact on the excavation cycle and the crushing/milling operations. The industry is always under pressure to optimise their drill and blast programs, but what impact does any change made to these programs have on the overall mining operation?

Photoanalysis techniques are quick, efficient and a very safe way, to determine, with very good accuracy, what the current rock distribution sizes are within the blasted muckpile. WipFrag®, a commercially available Photoanlysis software program, is used by us to determine this. Initially the current blast fragmentation needs to be determined (Benchmarked) before any change to the current program is made. The model generated will be calibrated and used to determine what impact any future change(s) will have on the current fragmentation. This will remove a lot of the risk associated with making changes and hoping that the result will be good.

Let us help you to determine this, alternately you can do it yourself using the WipFrag® software. We are authorised re-sellers of WipFrag® software.

Optimal Usage

Optimal Explosives and Energy Usage

Improved Productivity

Improved Excavator Productivity

Improved Throughput

Improved Crusher and Mill Throughput

Reduced Operating Costs

Reduced Overall Mine Operating Costs

Ore Grade Improvement

Significant Improvement in Ore Grades

Better Wall Stability

Reduced Geotechnical Risks

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