Ground Vibration / Airblast Monitoring

Is your operation near sensitive areas and sites? Do you need to monitor your air blast and ground vibrations continually, or occasionally? Either way we can assist with this, using state of the art seismographs and microphones. We can provide you with either a permanent installation, or a once off service, just let us know and we will help.

If you need more understanding of how your rock responds to vibrations induced by blasting, look no further, we can help by conducting “near field” vibration monitoring so that you can ensure that your pit walls are subjected to the most effective blast timing to reduce pit wall instability.

We are authorised dealers of White Industrial Seismology seismographs:


Mini-Seis III

Optimal Usage

Optimal Explosives and Energy Usage

Improved Productivity

Improved Excavator Productivity

Improved Throughput

Improved Crusher and Mill Throughput

Reduced Operating Costs

Reduced Overall Mine Operating Costs

Ore Grade Improvement

Significant Improvement in Ore Grades

Better Wall Stability

Reduced Geotechnical Risks

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