High Speed Imaging Camera

The face camera can quantify the following information:

  • Initial face movement
  • Differential face velocity
  • Face trajectory
  • Range of material cast
  • Performance of various explosive types
  • Benefit of different primer/booster combinations
  • Effects of the delay timing configuration
  • Performance of various blast designs
  • Gas venting occurrence

The bench camera provides the blast designer with the following information:

  • Ground swell velocity
  • Actual firing time of delay elements
  • Stemming confinement efficiency
  • Effects of blast geometry
  • Optimum delay interval between rows
  • Cause of backbreak and origin of flyrock

Typical Frame Rates for capturing open pit blasts range from 500 – 1000 fps (our camera can record up to 10,000 fps!)

  • Immediate availability of the blast for review (On the Camera)
  • Confirmation of the firing sequence of holes
  • Measurement of the firing time and scatter in detonators
  • Assessment of the degree of confinement, stemming blowouts, and flyrock zones
  • Confirmation of the functioning of explosives, primers, and accessories
  • Determination of the location, time, and duration of gas venting
  • Assessment of the locations responsible for flyrock or other projectiles
  • Evaluation of the extent of backbreak
  • Determination of the location, time, and duration of nitrogen oxide emissions

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