About Minblast

MinBlast Limited has provided optimal blasting solutions to clients over broad geographical locations and various mineral types.

Focused on Drill & Blast Optimisation, MinBlast Limited is a developing company based in the UK, providing services to the global mining and quarrying businesses. We are in the business of advising our customers on practical drilling and blasting solutions so that they can see tangible benefits to their bottom line.

We have specific knowledge of Mining Engineering, Explosives Commercial Agreements and Contracts as well as new products being introduced to the blasting business.

We are an MPQC accredited Training Centre and can offer training in all aspects of the blasting operation.

We also supply specific blasting products that we know will help miners to optimise their drill & blast programs.

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Fill in the form below or email us directly at info@minblast.co.uk.

You can also call us on 07596 455438.

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