High Speed Imaging Analysis

High Speed Imaging is an ideal way to understand many aspects of the rock breaking processes using explosives. When you understand the effects of your blasting, you can optimise your blasting program. Using our specifically designed High Speed Imaging Camera, you can determine a number of effects depending on where the camera is placed. The table below lists what can be determined from the two different positions mainly used for blasting analysis.

Face Position Bench Position
Initial face movement Ground swell velocity
Differential face velocity Actual firing time of delay elements
Face trajectory Stemming confinement efficiency
Range of material cast Effects of blast geometry
Performance of various explosive types Optimum delay interval between rows
Benefit of different primer/booster combinations Cause of backbreak
Effects of the delay timing configuration Origin of flyrock
Performance of various blast designs Source of Oversize
Poor Toe Breaking
Gas venting occurrence

Optimal Usage

Optimal Explosives and Energy Usage

Improved Productivity

Improved Excavator Productivity

Improved Throughput

Improved Crusher and Mill Throughput

Reduced Operating Costs

Reduced Overall Mine Operating Costs

Ore Grade Improvement

Significant Improvement in Ore Grades

Better Wall Stability

Reduced Geotechnical Risks

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