KoolKap® Self Inflating Gas Bags

The use of Air decks in production blasting can save up to 35% of your explosives consumption.

  • Drop a Gas Bag on top of small amounts of water and use ANFO instead of cartridge of bulk emulsion.
  • Pre-splitting with large diameter holes for slope stability on surface mine high walls.
  • Reduce air noise and fly rock.
  • Pit limit stabilization to increase mineable ore in limited areas.
  • Block off holes through old workings, natural cavities and the bottoms of holes in VCR work.
  • Seal off exploration holes at a reasonable depth with concrete poured on top of the Gas Bag.
  • Limit throw for opening holes on narrow benches to contain the muck pile.
  • Temporary seals for drill holes between mine levels.
  • Air decking for standing off the coal/ore bed to reduce shock damage.
  • For multi decking in through seam blasting.

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