Hot Hole Indicators

In some instances the temperature in the blast holes can be greater than 55°C due to heating. The cause of the heating includes burning coal and sulphide oxidation or geothermal heating in underground mining. In the case where the temperature inside the blast hole is greater than 55°C the particular hole is identified as a “hot hole” and a specific blasting regime is required when loading this hole with explosives.

If a “hot hole” is not identified and loaded according to the required loading practice, the hole may spontaneously detonate with often disastrous consequences.

Product Key Features

  • Identifies hot holes and records the maximum temperature.
  • Attaches to any tape measure.
  • Low cost.
  • No training or special skills required.
  • Provides a visual record.
  • Able to attach many hot hole indicators to a tape to locate the position of hot areas in a bore hole.

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